Ivy • 22 • Human

Studying criminal law in Olympia, Georgia, Ivy recently acquired two monster roommates. She’s kind and fun-loving, but knows when to put her foot down.

Kasal • 23 • Chinese Crested Dog Demon

A Demon from Hell, Michigan, Kasal moved to Georgia with his best friend Mirek in hopes of having a fresh start at life. He is majoring in Veterinary Medicine and is very friendly, but seems to have a much… darker side.

Mirek • ??? • Zombie

Made from pieces of other dead people, Mirek is a monster with a great love for music. Despite how grumpy and serious he can be, he’s also very nurturing towards his friends, almost acting as a custodian for Kasal’s messes.

Clover • 20 • Black Cat

Despite being followed by a constant trail of misfortune resulting in several accidents and the loss of her eye, Clover is sweet, soft-spoken, but incredibly anxious about nearly everything.
Gemma • 19 • Gorgon